Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I Love: Sunsets

I just enjoyed another beautiful sunset here in Switzerland and it was my inspiration for today's "Things I Love" blog post. I don't get up early enough to enjoy the sunrise (I love my sleep) but each evening I make sure to go to the balcony and enjoy the beautiful colors and breathtaking magic of every sunset.

I love that no two sunsets are ever the same. I can be in the exact same spot every evening for months and will never see the same exact sunset. I think that's AMAZING! There is something so captivating about sunsets for me. It's definitely something I look forward to each evening.

I've seen my share of lovely sunsets over the years. Jared and I used to sit on the dock near my old apartment in Indy and watch the sunset when we were dating. It was (and still is) one of our favourite spots. We saw many sunsets there together. Here is a photo I took of us sitting on the dock one of those evenings.

Another favourite was the evening I captured this photo. It was taken from our balcony in Switzerland. The photo has not been altered. This was the actual view I saw with my own eyes that night. I'm so thankful for cameras that can capture beautiful moments like this so we can cherish them forever.

Here are a few other sunset photos I found that capture the awe and beauty of this natural phenomenon. Enjoy!

all photos are from Google images

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