Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Be Influential

What are you doing with the authority you've been given? We all have some sort of authority or influence over something in our lives whether it be authority over ourselves (our time, actions, etc.) or other people (perhaps an employee, child, etc.)

A lot of times authority has this negative attitude that goes along with it. We sometimes think "They have authority over me or I have to do what they say because they are my parent or they are my boss, etc." And we often hear about abuses of authority. But the question is what are you doing with the authority that you have been given? 

Are you ignoring your authority? Are you using your authority or influence to build people up?  There are relationships in all of our lives that we can influence, so my challenge to you today is to use your authority to build others up! Use your authority for good in all aspects of your life.

For the purpose of this post I encourage you to use your voting authority and use it to influence your Senators this week. There is a scheduled vote this Thursday where your voice will be heard to help defund Planned Parenthood. Now, before I lose some of you reading this I want you to go back to my blog post from yesterday and read it in its entirety, check the facts and allow your conscience to be stirred. Defunding of Planned Parenthood will not close their doors, it will not make abortion illegal -  it will simply relieve tax payers from having to violate their conscience by using our hard earned tax dollars to financially support this abortion giant.

Regardless of what side of the debate you are on when it comes to abortion, the majority of Americans have overwhelmingly agreed that NO ONE should be forced to pay for anyone's abortion. If we truly believe that abortion is not a political issue then we must stop using government dollars from going to Planned Parenthood and if we really want to separate church and state then we should stop using the church's money (people of all faiths) to fund an organization that goes against any moral and religious beliefs.

If Planned Parenthood supporters want to personally fund or donate to them, that is fine, but the majority of Americans who want no part of this bloody business should have a right to protect their conscience and put their money elsewhere like towards alternate organizations - some of which are not government funded but that provide essential services, REAL health care for women, children and families. We shouldn't be forced to support an organization whose primary product sold is abortion. Call your Senators now and tell them enough is enough. We're done footing the bill for Planned Parenthood. We're done perpetuating the harm against women and the murder of innocent children. We refuse to use our authority to bring people down. We want to use our influence, our votes, our money to build people up!

TAKE ACTION: Call your two state Senators and ask them to vote to defund Planned Parenthood. It takes less than 5 minutes of your time but could have a tremendous impact on the lives of so many! Follow this link to find your Senators contact info and please call today, tomorrow and until they lose funding.

Don't know what to say when you call? Keep it simple by using similar wording such as "I want it to go on record that I do not want any federal funds or tax payer dollars to go towards Planned Parenthood." You can elaborate if you wish but make sure the message is clear that you want to end funding for all abortion providers.

Thank you for valiantly standing for life-affirming principles. You will not regret your efforts.

This song should be the anthem for all who dare to stand up against the giants.

A Fine Frenzy - 'Stood Up' lyrics

We are not frightened anymore,
We stood up, we stood up

And there are two of us there will be more,

They'll show up, yeah they'll show up
They'll show up

Blame a change of mind

A seismic shift in times
They told us not to fight
But we'll fight it till we die

Cos' we are not frightened anymore,

We stood up, we stood up

And there are two of us there will be many more,

They'll show up, yeah they'll show up

And so they sunk every ship we sailed

But we stood up, we stood up

And they fought hard, but somewhere fighting failed

They're all shook up, they're all shook up
All shook up

Steel and concrete break

Beneath the steady waves
Of fearless hope and grace
In kindness there is strength.

Cos' we are not frightened anymore,

We stood up, we stood up

And there are two of us there will be many more,

They'll show up, yeah they'll show up

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