Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mediterranean Cruise....The Remix

After our initial disappointment of our anniversary cruise being canceled a few months back, we went on the search for an alternate anniversary trip plan. We considered several options but in the end, the most affordable and overall best choice where we would be able to see and do the most was booking another cruise. So that's what we did! :)

It's very similar to the cruise we had originally booked minus the stops to Egypt and Israel because those destinations were the reason our other cruise was canceled in the first place - the unrest in these countries made it unsafe to travel there so the cruise line was forced to cancel the cruise.

This cruise is virtually the same price as the other one but this one is a 12 day Mediterranean cruise, so we get an extra day of travel which is a plus. It starts in Rome, Italy then goes to Naples, Italy - Santorini, Greece - a place I've always dreamed of photographing ;) -  as well as five other main Greek Isles. So we'll get to see lots of Greece during the cruise. We will also travel to Ephesus, Turkey - Dubrovnik, Croatia (which my parents rave about) - and then our final day is in Venice, Italy.

So as long as there isn't an uprising in any of these places then we are set to have an amazing experience! It will be our first vacation just the two of us. And it will also be our first cruise as a couple...all of our previous cruises were with family, including the cruise we met on. Which we have loved all of our family cruises(obviously, since we are booking a cruise based on our positive experiences), this will just be a unique cruising experience for us since we've never done it solo before. I've been to Rome in the past but neither Jared nor I have been to any of the other destinations on the itinerary. Needless to say, we're super excited about it!

We're not only excited about the places we get to see but we're looking forward to all the things the cruise ship has to offer as well. I've said it before, and I'll say it just can't beat a cruise for vacation. The cost for all you get to do and see and all of the luxuries and conveniences that are included is virtually unmatched.  All your meals are included (and the food is AWESOME), you don't have to worry about transportation or moving your luggage from hotel to's a floating hotel. And not only that but there is all kinds of entertainment on the ship itself such as theatrical shows each night, an outdoor movie screen, dancing, music, swimming, sunbathing and my favourite....relaxing! :) All in one place, all inclusive. That's what I call WINNING! :) Just to give you a quick comparison, we had considered a trip to Iceland but it would have cost MORE for a 5 DAY trip to Iceland than it cost for everything I just mentioned for our 12 DAY Mediterranean cruise. Yea.....I love you Iceland, but couldn't justify a trip this year after doing the math. Maybe some day? I'll just listen to your wonderful music in the meantime! :)

If anyone has visited any of these places please share what you liked or didn't like about your experience there. We plan to do lots of sightseeing at each destination and it would be great to know the "hot spots" and things we don't want to miss out on while we're there!

*all photos are from google image

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