Friday, April 15, 2011


Staying optimistic is not an easy thing to do. It is a conscience decision we have to make and one that we must make almost moment to moment sometimes. Remaining hopeful requires strength and isn't always something that comes naturally. But to quote Superman.... "Once we choose hope....anything is possible." Hope is a choice and is a choice that gives us courage and strength to overcome our doubts, our fears and our weaknesses.

I hope and pray each day that we would abandon our self-entitled attitudes as a society and embrace the philosophy of our founding fathers which is that "we are all created equal." Not born equal...but created equal. So that even the pre-born would be acknowledged and extended the same respect and protection as every human being on earth. I remain optimistic that one day more and more people will realize that nothing is worth killing an innocent child. And that abortion should be unthinkable simply because we know that their life and our life are of equal value. I hope to see the day where the pre-born are priceless in the eyes of everyone and not viewed as an inconvenience, a mistake or a dollar sign.

We don't think of ourselves as an inconvenience, a mistake or something that should have a price tag so why then should others be less deserving of the same value, respect and protection that we expect of ourselves? If we do not see all humans, regardless of their circumstance or stage of development, as having equal value as ourselves and therefor deserving of the same respect and protection as us then we are declaring that we are not equal...but that we are better. And that, my friends, is called pride.

I am disheartened that we continue to fund and support any organization that promotes violence against children cloaked by words like "freedom" and "women's rights". If we drop the pride that has blindfolded our hearts we will see the true injustice of abortion and join together to make it unthinkable.

I remain hopeful that we will see this change of hearts and in turn, an end to abortion.

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