Monday, April 18, 2011

True Love Celebration

As we enter Holy Week I start to reflect more on the significance of why we as Christians observe Easter as such an honorable day. And that is because it is the most monumental moment in all of the world's history! I grew up attending church and learning from the Bible beginning at a very young age. But it wasn't until after I abandoned my faith as an adult, then later restored my relationship with Jesus Christ and began pursuing greater knowledge about the evidence that confirms that He not only lived, but He died and then conquered death so that we too could overcome death, that I truly understood and appreciated the importance of why we celebrate.

For me, and I know many others, this is the crux of our faith. To us, it is not an elaborate story that is told once a year then put back on a shelf only to be pulled back out again next year like a child's fairytale or bedtime story. It is how we live each day. It is the crowning moment in our history. Because without Christ's death and resurrection, we are hopelessly destined for death without the promise of life. His ultimate sacrifice made it possible for us to be free. Truly free. He died in my place - in OUR place - so that we may live forever with Him one day.....and that is True Love. That is why we celebrate. Easter is the anniversary of the first day of real hope and true love defined.

HE IS RISEN! He lives. And with Him we can also live! What greater blessing is there to celebrate? We should celebrate this victory daily...not just once a year. Giving thanks to our Saviour for His love and mercy and living a life that glorifies Him everyday is the perfect way to celebrate all year round!

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