Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: Hooked On Houses

I love home decorating, home furnishings and pretty much all home-related things. I enjoy watching tv shows like House Hunters, Design on a Dime and other similar shows. Jared and I are both house cats - we love to travel but we definitely love the idea of having a cozy home to return to even more. We often dream about buying our own house someday. I dream about it more than him though I'm sure. If I'm not watching a show about homes then I am surfing the web for interior decorating ideas from sites like HGTV, The Nest, Robeson Design, and just googling images of home designs. I also used to enjoy getting home interior magazines and looking through them for inspiration and ideas when I lived in the U.S. Perhaps the most fun is going inside home decorating stores and looking through all the treasures! :)

Recently my friend, Lora, introduced me to a website that I'm hooked on. Ironically it is called Hooked On Houses. It's actually a blog where the writer shares about houses of all different shapes, styles and sizes. You can check out celebrity houses, before and after projects, get design ideas...basically it's a great fix for all of us house junkies! :)

I've totally started a folder with photos of design inspirations I've found during my searches. I didn't even do that when planning our wedding!! Mostly because I knew that a wedding is a one day event (marriage is a lifetime)...and a home is more of a long term investment. That's why I think I am so excited about someday owning a home and making it our own by adding our personality through style and design.

Here are a few room designs I've found that I really like. Our future home may or may not look anything like this but....a girl can dream can't she?

I'd say that my style is more modern vintage. A delicate balance of both with a definite cozy feel. I like classic pieces with a vintage appeal but I also like things to look fresh, sophisticated and up-to-date. I also tend to gravitate towards neutral and earth tones. It's unhealthy how happy these images make me!

Do you dream about your "perfect" home too? If you have a blog, website or photo ideas please share them! I'd love to dream along with you!:)


  1. Oohhh I love your style! We have an offer in on a home here in town. Waiting to hear back on it though. I definitely dream about our home... yard, craft room/home office, decor... I love dreaming about it. sweethomestyle.tumblr.com is a cool site, too.

  2. We've definitely been praying for your successful home buying experience! Someday when we both have our dream homes we can invite each other over for chai tea and warm conversations! :)

    p.s. thanks for the link!