Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walking On Sunshine

Jared and I had a full but fun weekend! On Saturday we invited our friends Julia and Morgan over for dinner along with a new co-worker of Jared's who just moved here from California. Tom worked in the same lab with Jared's good friend Mark so it was kinda neat to have a common friend from back home. He and his girlfriend Wiebke seem to be a lot of fun and we look forward to hanging out again in the future.

On Sunday we invited the American couple we met at the grocery store a few weeks ago over for dinner and that went really well. We have a lot in common with Leilani and Evan and we'll definitely be hanging out with them more! We're happy that our "Swiss" friends list is growing! :)

Still enjoying my volunteer "work" and I am currently in the process of updating my photography website because a lot of people have been emailing me about their interest in purchasing some of my photographs. Hopefully I can get that going soon. I felt kind of awkward about the idea at first because I just photograph what I see as a means for my own personal keepsake of moments and experiences in my everyday life so the thought of selling what I capture as "fine art" seems beyond me, ya know what I mean? I'm flattered that I've had such a positive response to my work but I honestly never dreamed I could do what I love for a living like this. I'm excited about the possibilities though. It's just going to be difficult putting a price on my photographs. Not because I think they are worth paying for but because the whole idea that someone actually wants to pay for them is WILD! Surreal for sure. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to do so. I definitely would not have considered it without the nudge from all of you! I'll send out an update once they are made available for purchase on my website.

Jared had some exciting news from work this week! He will have two papers published very soon - one of which will contain record-breaking results in his research. He has worked so hard and God is definitely blessing him. He's only 6 months into his post-doc and is already doing some great things so we couldn't be more thrilled! It never ceases to amaze me how modest and humble he is about his accomplishments too. Typically I would have to learn from his co-workers when he had a breakthrough at work or wait until he had to go away for a conference to accept an award to find out he had even won! I had to tell him back then that from now on he would tell me when something good happens because otherwise....he doesn't make a big deal about it. Not because he isn't excited or think it is a big deal, but he doesn't like people to fuss over him. That and he knows where the real recognition should be directed. One of the many things I admire about him. But now that I've somewhat forced him to tell me any good news, I take each opportunity to give him a big "well done!" :)

We are definitely starting to feel more settled here. We're in a good routine. And we both couldn't be happier with Jared's work hours. It's hard to believe sometimes how brutal his work schedule was back in Illinois. We barely had any time together because he was working 12+ hour days / 6 days a week  Here...we get to enjoy so much more time together. He's home by 6-6:30 and never works weekends. I'm so thankful for every moment with him. This afternoon we had a lunch date and this evening we were able to enjoy dinner out on our balcony...the weather was perfect...the view was perfect...and we were together. It was...well....perfect. :) We're both pretty happy with the life God has given us. We definitely miss our family and some of the luxuries from back home. But I am definitely content here. There's just too many things to be thankful for in order for us not to be anything but happy!

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