Wednesday, May 11, 2011

L - I - V - I - N :)

Over the weekend Jared and I enjoyed ice cream cones from a tiny lakeside ice cream shop and walked along Lake Geneva with our friends Leilani and Evan. I am sad to say I didn't take a photo of the experience. I guess I was so wrapped up in the moment that it didn't even cross my mind. It was wonderful to enjoy an ice cream treat while taking in the beautiful views. The weather was perfect. Not too cool and not too hot. After having dessert first we decided to have dinner and drinks....dessert first is always a good idea! ;) We sat outside on the restaurant patio only steps away from Lake Geneva with a great view of the Alps. It was such a memorable experience for that reason alone. Jared and I ordered a cheese and meat plate appetizer and we all shared a bottle of red wine. I did happen to think of my camera for this part of the evening and Leilani was kind enough to take this photo of us.

I just loved how the trees were built-in canopies for the outdoor seating. It was a a very nice restaurant and our waiter spoke English so that was a plus as well! It was a lovely atmosphere and we had great company with Evan and Leilani. I love them more every time we get together. They're very down to earth, kind-hearted people. I kept thinking about how we should bring our parents to this restaurant when they come for a visit in a few weeks! And treat them to ice cream too! :) Less then 2 weeks and they'll be here!!!

The following evening we invited over our EPFL friends, Morgan & Julia and Tom & Wiebke over for pizza. We always have a good time when we get together! We really have been blessed with some great friends here.

Today, Wiebke came over for a "girl's day" and we did absolutely nothing and had so much fun. It's nice to have girlfriends to hang out with and talk to about common interests and just share some laughs. She is such a sweet girl. I have a feeling her, Julia and I will be lifelong friends.

In regards to Jared's work, he signed his very first patent today. It's kind of exciting! He calls it "the chemistry lottery" because if his chemistry turns out to be something very useful he could receive royalties for his ideas. But like the lottery, there is no guarantee. I'm just proud of him regardless. This is just another step forward in his career. Excited to see what the future holds.

We have so many things to be thankful for!

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