Monday, June 20, 2011

♥ Papa Bear ♥

Father's Day was yesterday. I talk to my Dad almost everyday, definitely every week and I realize how blessed I am that despite being an ocean apart, I still have a very close relationship with Him.

This video is so heartwarming and really reminds me of my Papa....

My Dad was definitely one who played with us as kids. He encouraged our imaginations and entertained us constantly. One of my favourite memories with Papa Bear was when we played "The Game". (original name title, I know) We would invite over our friends and play a more extreme version of hide n' seek in our basement. My childhood home had a large basement with lots of hiding places...perfect for The Game. We would turn out all the lights, find a hiding spot and my Dad was always the Seeker. It started out as an average game of hide n' seek but my Dad added new elements each time. He would add some scary music, then he began wearing a wig and shining a flashlight on his face while bellowing a scary voice whenever he found us. Eventually he incorporated a camera flash where he would temporarily blind us by the light adding extra excitement to the game. Unfortunately for me, after being blinded by the flash I ran into our rod iron staircase and busted my nose. That was the end of "The Game" as we knew it. But did we have a blast while it lasted!

I also remember him letting me play beauty shop with his hair, sock fights and ninja training, watching Sci-Fi movies on his lap and making an effort - despite his busy work schedule - to build us a tree house that ended up only having 3 walls and no roof. :) As I grew older he did his best to embarass me every chance he got. Afterall, isn't that part of a Dad's job? He made threats to all my boyfriends and followed through on a few! ;) He saw me through college and loved me through all of my mistakes. He gave me the wedding of my dreams and even helped with many of the details behind the scenes. He's shown me that he's not just an awesome Dad but an amazing G-Pa as well. He was the first to teach me how to love selflessly and to value a giving heart.

There really isn't enough I can say about my Dad. He doesn't always get things right but when it comes to the most important things - God, family and integrity - he is a loving example of each. He is dedicated to his family, devoted to God and displays the kind of integrity I admire. I am so SO thankful for his presence in my life.

I love you Papa Bear! Thanks for all you've done and continue to do. You're irreplaceable.

Dancing with my Dad on my wedding day ♥

One of my favourite pictures of Dad...doing his Nutty Professor impersonation :)

Best G-Pa on the planet!

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