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Our Anniversary Cruise ~ 11/11/11

Jared and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary this year and to commemorate the occasion we decided to go back to the place where we first the middle of the ocean...on a cruise! :)  In November we took a 12 day Mediterranean Cruise to Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia! We had an absolutely wonderful time and although I couldn't wait to share the trip with you it has taken me several weeks to go through all of the photos I took. As you can imagine, I took a LOT! I'm actually not finished going through them but I did want to get a few photos and stories up for those who have been asking.

A few weeks before our cruise the cruise line called us and said that they were going to upgrade us to a balcony room for no extra cost as a complimentary anniversary gift! Talk about a GREAT surprise! We were so thankful for the upgrade because it allowed us to see every sunrise, every sunset and every port as we sailed in from our balcony. The views were breathtaking. It was wonderful to share such beautiful moments with my best friend in celebration of our love. God has blessed me beyond measure.

Not only did we enjoy each of the ports of call, we also had a great time on the ship itself. We took a train from Switzerland to Civitavecchia, Italy where our ship departed. It was a small little town but the weather was beautiful and we had a view of the beach from our hotel.

The hotel had a complimentary shuttle bus that took us straight to the ship which we were thankful for. We were able to board with no problems, checked into our room and both were giddy about the balcony we had scored! :) First thing we did was check out what the ship had to offer and then put on our swim suits and headed toward to pool. We jumped in the hot tub and started off our vacation relaxing. 

our cruise ship, the Star Princess

Our first day on the cruise

Hot tubbin'!

our bedroom with a balcony

first of many sunrises from our bedroom balcony

first of many sunsets from our bedroom balcony

Along with our excitement about the bedroom with a balcony and the ship itself, we were mutually excited about all of the yummy food. Dining out in Switzerland is a very rare thing because it's not only expensive but the food is quite bland. So we were happy to have some "real" food that I didn't have to cook for a change! I'm pretty sure I gained most if not all of the weight I lost specifically for the cruise. But I'm at peace with that! LOL! It's ok to splurge now and then, right? :)

There was so much to do on the ship each day and night as far as entertainment goes. They had movies under the stars, shopping, comedians, theatre performances, karaoke, games, art auctions, a dance club, a spa, a casino, multiple pools and jacuzzis and more! We were certainly never bored. During one of the theatre shows the magician actually called me up on stage as a "volunteer" for one of his tricks. I don't like being in the spotlight but the guy reminded me of Gob from the T.V. show Arrested Development (overdramatic and takes himself way to seriously) so it was a fun time. I kept hearing The Final Countdown play in my head the whole time and tried not to laugh. :)

center of the ship

theatre on the ship for various shows and performances

main pool and outdoor movie theater

art auction on the ship

martini bar on the ship

at the martini bar

Dinner each night was a treat. It was a formal style dinner with three course meals + dessert and it was fun to try some new dishes and have dessert each night. I consumed my weight in seafood and loved every minute of it. On our actual anniversary the waiter brought us a mini cake and sang to us. The cruise staff also decorated our door with balloons and an anniversary banner. I somehow managed to still fit into the same dress I wore on the cruise where I met Jared eight years ago. I'm sentimental like that and was glad my waist cooperated. :) I also liked going to the perfume boutique on the ship and trying out a new scent each night before's the little things. I also enjoyed the two formal nights on the cruise where you get to dress up in evening gown attire and have formal photos taken. You feel fancy and special when you're all dressed up like that. The girly side of me loves that kind of thing.

formal dining room

complimentary anniversary cake

the cruise staff decorated our bedroom door for our anniversary

perfume boutique

on our anniversary 11/11/11

sunset on our anniversary 11/11/11

formal night on the cruise

Well that's a brief summary of our time on board the ship. I plan to share more about each port we stopped in during our trip in separate future posts. We feel incredibly blessed to have each other but equally as thankful to have wonderful family and friends who want to share our lives with us. Hope you enjoy going through life with us. Cheers!

studio portrait on the cruise

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