Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anniversary Cruise - Part V

On our anniversary cruise we went to several of the Greek Isles. After visiting Santorini, we then sailed to Mykonos. I would describe Mykonos as Santorini's fraternal twin. They have a lot of similarities but are definitely not identical. Both are absolutely beautiful. It was extremely windy the day we were there which made the water very choppy. We had to take a tender boat to shore from the ship because we couldn't get close to the port due to the waves. Being in that tiny boat on those high waves is one of the scariest things I've ever experienced. I thought for sure they were going to flip the boat. Thankfully we made it to the island and back safe and sound but I may have left permanent marks on Jared's leg from gripping him so hard. Was it worth it? I'll have to say yes. It was a charming little village. The main attractions for me were all of the blue doors and the giant windmills. :)

small church near the harbor

 fisherman's boat near the harbor

 streets of still bloom in late November there!

everyday life in Mykonos

LOVED all the blue doors

view from on top of a hill in Mykonos

this is a favourite. <3

another blue door with bright pink flowers

waves crashing against the buildings

view of the main windmills from the shore

glimpse of strong waves

one of my favourite photos of Jared, in front of the large windmill in Mykonos

another view from the island

Mykonos shoreline

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