Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Visa Success!

OUR VISAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!! :) The long wait is over! We now have a departure date which is: September 28th, 2010. That's less than ONE WEEK away!! Jared's work start date is October 1st, so our visas couldn't have come any sooner! But it now seems like we've kicked everything into high gear since we have so little time before we leave. There were a lot of things we couldn't take care of without our visas renting an apartment over there. So we are scrambling to find a place at such short notice which is proving to be a bit of a challenge! We found several furnished apartments but after contacting many of them we discovered that they had already been rented out only a few days prior to our inquiries. Very frustrating! But we are currently waiting for confirmation on an apartment that seems to be in an ideal location in accordance to where Jared will be working. It is near the train station so that is a plus! From the pictures it looks very modern, clean and spacious (it's large in European terms). And it has a FANTASTIC view! Here are a few pics of the apartment we are currently looking to rent:

  living room




 upstairs space/second bedroom/office

 the view!

And the best news about this apartment is that our cats are welcome! We're waiting for our renter's application to be approved. Nothing final yet, but it is looking promising. We should know in the next couple days so please pray that if it is God's will He will make it happen. I think we've hit pro status when it comes to waiting. But I am certain that in the end the old saying will be true: "good things come to those who wait [on the Lord]."

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