Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beautiful Redundance

Not to seem redundant but I want to share with you another beautiful sunset I had the honour of witnessing tonight. I know I posted one last week, but every sunset, is unique (there are no two sunsets that will ever be the same) and they are all equally breathtaking. This one was unique in that I went exploring around Switzerland for the first time on my own. (usually when I go out, Jared is with me.) But I felt brave enough today to really venture out and explore my wonderful new surroundings. (at least...what is within walking distance)

We are literally about a 15 minute walk from Lake Geneva and when I reached lakeside I was awestruck. I know it was written all over my face because some Swiss folk that were passing by looked at me like "what is going on with this girl?" My jaw was to my feet, my eyes wide and frozen...I didn't want to blink for fear it would disappear or I would miss something. The sun was sparkling on the water, birds were singing, the mountains were towering in majestic blue. It was picture perfect.

I found a bench and I just sat there listening to all the wonderful sounds and taking in the beautiful view for more than an hour. It felt so peaceful. So revitalizing. So pure. I snapped a few photos and took a quick video and then just enjoyed it, savored it, and took it all in until the sun finally began to disappear and it got too chilly to stay any longer.

Why am I telling you all this? Not to brag, that is certainly not who I am. But to share with you a little glimmer of God's beautiful glory. We (including myself) can get so caught up in the mundane or the difficulties in life and we fail to stop and embrace the beauty that God has given us. For me today, that beauty was a sunset. For you...perhaps it was your grandchild's laugh or your husband's kiss or a stranger's smile. There is beauty woven into each and every one of our days and they are graced upon us by a God who simply wants to show us He loves us. He could have made a world without color...but He didn't. He's not a boring God, He's an AWESOME God. And our world is alive with His vibrant beauty...all we have to do is look around and appreciate it.

I'm thankful to God for giving me this beautiful sunset today.

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