Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Give AND Recieve

Last week on my blog I shared how you can make online wish lists for the holidays. Well, I recently discovered an even better way to shop online! Check out the website: GOODSHOP.COM

It helps you find and buy gifts from partnering stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Macy's and Target and when you make a purchase, up to 20% is donated to the charity of your choice! It's like double the giving!  All you need to do is go through www.goodshop.com first. Select your charity and then move on to your desired website, such as Amazon.com. Goodshop will remember your charity selection and will donate up to 20% of your purchase!

Not only are you getting your holiday shopping for others done, but you're helping out your favourite charity. You were going to spend money at your favourite shop(s) anyway so why not have some of that money go to a worthy cause?! I think it's a great way to give and receive.

Happy Shopping! :)

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