Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving, Reeses Hugs, Countdowns and Birthdays

Yesterday, Jared and I had our first Thanksgiving apart from family. It was also my first attempt at cooking Thanksgiving dinner on my own. But I must say, it was a success!! There were absolutely no turkeys to be found here in Switzerland.(as you might imagine...Thanksgiving....not such a big deal here) So I roasted a whole chicken instead. I tried to keep it as traditional as possible. Unfortunately I couldn't find yams either but I was able to cook up some stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes and garlic butter rolls. All homemade!

It was a "What About Bob" meal if I do say so myself! :)

We also received a care package from Dave & Charlotte on Thanksgiving making for one more thing to be thankful for! It was filled with lots of much needed cooking spices along with some other treats including REESE CUPS! I have been craving reeses something fierce and they do not exist over here so I was so happy to have them. Jared laughed because once I saw the Reeses, I literally hugged them close to me like a little kid! He took a picture of this passionate peanut butter cup embrace! :)

I'd say that our first holiday here in Switzerland was a memorable one for sure! Now, let the countdown begin! My parents will be here for the Christmas Holiday in only TWO WEEKS!!! :) So much to be thankful for right now! Hope that all of you enjoyed time with your families and friends.

Also,today is my big brother's birthday! Happy Birthday Jon!!! I hope it's your best year yet! Love you!!

Jared and I created this silly card for him:

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