Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Tiny Swiss Christmas Tree & Other Holiday Goodies

Jared and I found the perfect Christmas tree over the weekend! It's a tiny little thing that stands a humble 23 inches. It was the smallest tree they had and when I saw it I squealed with excitement. It was not only perfectly petite but it was only $10 francs...or the equivalent of about $10 U.S. dollars! So we scooped up the tree and started our search for ornaments to decorate it with. All of the ornaments were HUGE and would have dragged down or not even fit on our tiny little tree. But I looked on the very bottom shelf and there was ONE box left of mini ornaments and they were the prettiest shades of blue! I noticed the globe ornaments didn't come with any wire to hang them with so I started to hunt for something that would work. They had a package of pre-cut tiny ribbons and I snatched them up with the thought I would just loop the ribbon through the ornaments and tie them in bows on the tree. Total cost of our tree with decorations...$20francs! :)

As soon as we got home I started decorating it and when I was done I started clapping and squealing "Honey, isn't it adorable?!" Jared humored me with mediocre excitement. I didn't expect him to be as thrilled as I was about the tree. But...OH...MY...GOODNESS...our tree is SO cute! :) I call it our little "Tiffany Blue" Christmas tree. Because the lightest shade of blue and the white bows remind me of the Tiffany jewelry boxes. It's perfect.

A few other goodies we found was the candle pictured next to the tree. It is a glade scented candle in the scent "Fresh Snow" and has the smell of cinnamon/pine and berry/tangerine. It's not an overpowering scent but it smells how I imagine a home should smell at Christmas time. SO good! Love it!

We also picked up some authentic Swiss hot chocolate and these cute little Lindt Swiss Chocolate Snowmen. I couldn't pass them up...they were just too sweet! :) I knew my mom would appreciate them too so I wanted to have them for when her and my dad get here! Which they will be here THIS WEEKEND!! I can't wait!!!

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